* Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Sodas Coke / Diet Coke / Pibb Xtra / Mello Yello / Hi-C / Sprite $2.95
Shirley Temple $3.75
Sho Chiku Bai Sake
Small House Sake $7.45
Large House Sake $9.45
Nigori / Unfiltered (Bottle) $13.45
Ginjo (Bottle) $15.45
Sparkling Sake (Bottle) $15.95
Beer List
Domestic Bottles Millter Lite / Coors Light / Yuengling / Budweiser / Bud Light / Heineken $4.50
Import Bottles Asahi / Tsingtao / Corona / Ichiban / Kirin Light $5.50
Sapporo Cans $7.75
Wine List


Merlot, Cabernet $6.45
Pinot Noir $7.45
Chardonnay $6.45
White Zinfandel $6.45
Sauvignon Blanc $6.45
Plum $7.95
Pinot Grigio $7.45


Chardonnay $5.95
White Zinfandel $5.95
Sauvignon Blanc $5.95
Plum $6.50
Pinot Grigio $6.95
Sushi Bar Lunch Special

Served with Miso Soup & Salad

*Nigiri (Sushi) Lunch 6 pcs of sushi and California roll $15.95
*Sashimi Lunch 8 pcs of sliced of raw fish, with white rice separate $16.95
*Sashimi & Sushi Lunch 4 pcs of sashimi, 6 pcs of sushi, 1 California roll $20.95

*Any Two Rolls $12.95 | Any Three Rolls $16.95

*Tuna Roll *Salmon Roll *Yellowtail Roll
*Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll Eel Avocado or Cucumber Roll California Roll
Boston Roll Philly Roll Super Duper Roll
Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Roll *Spicy Crunchy Salmon Roll Shrimp Tempura Roll
Veggie Roll Avocado Roll Cucumber Roll
Avocado Cucumber Roll Sweet Potato Roll Asparagus Roll
*Salmon Avocado Roll Spicy California Roll *Spicy Crunchy White Tuna Roll
Spicy Crunchy Kani Roll *White Tuna Roll Mango Avocado Roll
*Salmon Skin Cucumber Roll *Alaska Roll
Lunch Box

Served w. Miso Soup, Salad, California Roll, Gyoza & Rice

Chicken Teriyaki $12.95 Tofu Teriyaki $12.95
Vegetable Teriyaki $11.95 Vegetable Tempura $12.95
Chicken Katsu $13.95 Pork Katsu $13.95
Chicken & Veggie Tempura $13.95 Shrimp & Veggie Tempura $13.95
Beef Teriyaki $13.95 Shrimp Teriyaki $13.95
Hibachi Lunch

Served w. Miso Soup, Salad, and Fried Rice

Hibachi Shrimp $13.95 Chicken & Shrimp $15.45
Hibachi Steak $13.95 Steak & Shrimp $15.95
Hibachi Chicken $12.95 Steak & Chicken $15.95
Tempura & Katsu Lunch

Served w. Miso Soup, Salad, and White Rice

Chicken / Pork Katsu $12.95
Chicken & Veggie Tempura $12.95
Shrimp & Veggie Tempura $14.95

Served w. Miso Soup, Salad, and White Rice

Chicken $12.95 Steak $13.95 Shrimp $13.95
Udon & Soba

Served w. Miso Soup and Salad

Chicken $13.95 Shrimp $14.95 Beef $14.95
Miso Soup $2.75
Clear Soup $2.75
Gyoza Soup $6.25
Seafood Soup $9.95
Green Salad $3.95
Seaweed Salad $5.95
Avocado Salad $5.95
Kani Salad $6.95
Squid Salad $6.95
*Spicy Tuna Salad $8.95
Appetizers From Kitchen
Edamame Steamed soybean with salt $5.95
Gyoza Pan fried pork dumplings $6.95
Shu Mai Steamed shrimp dumplings $6.95
Yakitori Grilled chicken on stick served with teriyaki glazed $7.25
Yaki Ebi Grilled shrimps on stick served with teriyaki glaze $9.95
Vegetable Tempura $7.95
Shrimps w. Vegetable Tempura Lightly deep fried shrimp & vegetable $9.95
Chicken w. Vegetable Tempura $8.95
Calamari Deep fried squid with special sauces $8.95
Haru Maki (4pcs) Japanese style spring rolls $7.95
Age Tofu Deep fried bean curd w. special sauces $6.95
Cheese Crab Lightly fried crab meat and cream cheese with spicy sauce $7.25
Soft Shell Crab Lightly battered and deep fried $8.95
Beef Negimaki Scallions wrapped w. thinly sliced and grilled beef $10.95
Appetizers From Sushi Bar
*Yellowtail Jalapeno $12.95
*Tataki Seared beef / tuna / salmon, served w. ponzu sauce $12.95
*Pepper Tuna Tataki Seared pepper tuna, served with spicy sauce $12.95
Baby Octopus $10.95
*Sunomono Assorted seafood with special sauces $12.95
*Sushi Appetiers 5 pcs of assorted sushi $12.95
*Sashimi Appetizers 6 pcs of assorted sashimi $13.95
Tako Su Sliced octopus in special sauces $11.95

Served w. Miso Soups and Salad

*Sushi Regular 8 pcs. sushi and California roll $24.95
*Sushi Deluxe 10 pcs. sushi and spicy tuna roll $27.95
*Sashimi Regular 12 pcs. of assorted raw fish and white rice $27.95
*Sashimi Dinner 16 pcs. of assorted raw fish and white rice $30.95
*Sushi Sashimi Combo 8 pcss. of sushi, 8 pcs. of sashimi, California roll, and tuna roll $38.95
*Chirashi Assorted raw fish over sushi rice $27.95
*Maki Combo Rainbow roll, spicy tuna roll, and spicy salmon roll $25.95
*Trio Sushi 3 pcs. tuna, 3 pcs. salmon, 3 pcs. yellowtail, and spicy tuna roll $27.95
*Tekka Don 12 pcs. tuna over rice $28.95
*Sake Don 12 pcs. salmon over rice $28.95
Unagi Don BBQ eel over rice $25.95
*Tokyo Love Boat 12 pcs. sushi, 16 pcs. sashimi, 1 special roll, 1 California roll, and 1 salmon roll $74.95
*Tuna Roll $6.95
*Salmon Roll $6.95
*Yellowtail Roll $6.95
*Spicy Crunchy Tuna Roll $7.45
Eel Roll Eel, cucumber or avocado $7.45
Spicy Crunchy Shrimp Roll $7.45
*Spicy Crunchy Yellowtail Roll $7.95
*Spicy Crunchy Scallop Roll $8.45
*Spicy Crunchy Conch Roll $8.45
*Spicy Crunchy Salmon Roll $7.45
Philly Roll Smoke salmon, cream cheese, avocado $7.95
Super Duper Roll Grill eel, salmon, avocado $7.95
California Roll $6.95
Boston Roll Shrimp, crab, avocado, cucumber $7.45
*Alaska Roll Salmon, avocado, cucumber $7.45
Shrimp Tempura Roll Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, top w. caviar, eel sauce $7.45
Veggie Roll Avocado, cucumber, asparague $6.95
Avocado Roll $6.45
Cucumber Roll $6.45
Sweet Potato Roll Deep fried sweet potato, top w. eel sauce $6.95
Mango Avocado Roll $6.95
Spider Roll Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, caviar with eel sauce $12.45
Volcano Roll Tuna, crab meat, avocado inside, deep fried with mayonnaise, eel sauce, and spicy sriracha sauce $12.45
Dragon Eel, cucumber top w. avocado & caviar $13.65
*Rainbow Crab meat, cucumber top salmon, tuna, white fish w. avocado $13.65
*Godzilla Spicy crunchy tuna, crab meat, cucumber inside, avocado outside $13.65
Dream Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado & cucumber top crab meat salad $14.65
*Earthquake Spicy salmon, cucumber, spicy crab top spicy tuna & red snapper $14.95
Twin Tower Shrimp tempura, eel, top crab meat & avocado $15.65
Sunshine Shrimp tempura, lobster salad, mango, avocado, asparagus in soybean paper w. special sauce $17.95
*X-Mas Tree Spicy tuna top w. tuna tataki & seaweed salad $15.95
Tokyo Shrimp tempura roll and avocado w. grilled eel on top $15.65
Samurai Grilled salmon, eel, avocado w. crab meat on top $14.65
*Hawaii Shrimp tempura and avocado, top tuna & crab stick w. eel sauce, spicy mayo, shrimp sauce $15.65
Double Crunchy Shrimp tempura and avocado inside, top shrimp tempura, crab stick, tempura crunchy, w. eel sauce and spicy mayo $15.65
*Power Shrimp tempura and avocado, top seared filet mignon w. spicy sauce $16.65
*Spider-Man Shrimp tempura & spicy tuna & avocado, top with soft shell crab $17.65
*Salmon Lover Spicy salmon and avocado, top resh salmon and black tobiko $15.65
*Red Dragon Spicy tuna, cucumber, top tuna w. spicy mayo and special sauce $15.65

1 pc. of Sushi or Sashimi

*Tuna $3.25 *Salmon $3.25
*Yellowtail $3.25 *Squid $3.00
*Conch $3.00 *White Tuna (Escora) $3.25
*Flying Fish Egg $3.20 *Spicy Flying Fish Egg $3.50
*Octopus $3.10 *Scallop $5.25
*Spicy Scallop $5.50 *White Fish $2.60
*Sweet Shrimp $4.20 *Ikura (Salmon Roe) $5.25
*Surf Clam $3.00 Smoked Salmon $3.25
Crab Stick $3.00 Mackerel $3.00
Shrimp $3.20 Eel $3.25
Egg $3.00 Baby Octopus $3.00
*Uni Season Price *Alive Scallop Season Price
Hibachi Grilled (Teppanyaki)

Served with Fried Rice, Hibachi Vegetables, Miso Soup & Salad

Vegetable $15.95 Chicken $17.95
Steak $21.95 Shrimp $20.95
Scallop $22.95 Salmon $22.95
Filet Mignon $28.95 Lobster $29.95
Shrimp & Chicken $25.95 Steak & Chicken $26.95
Steak & Shrimp $26.95 Salmon & Steak $26.95
Salmon & Shrimp $26.95 Shrimp & Filet Mignon $31.95
Scallop & Shrimp $26.95 Filet Mignon & Lobster $35.95

Served w. Miso Soup, Salad, and White Rice

Tofu $16.95 Vegetable $14.95
Chicken $16.95 Shrimp $19.95
Steak $19.95 Salmon $20.95

Served w. Miso Soup, Salad, and White Rice

Pork   $17.95 Chicken   $17.95 Salmon   $20.95

Served w. Miso Soup, Salad, and White Rice

Vegetable   $15.95 Chicken w. Vegetable   $17.95 Shrimp w. Vegetable   $19.95
Vegetable Fried Rice $11.95 Chicken Fried Rice $12.95
Steak Fried Rice $14.95 Shrimp Fried Rice $14.95
Naba Yaki Udon Noodle soup w. chicken, egg, vegetable & shrimp tempura $16.95
Tempura Udon Noodle soup w. vegetable and shrimp tempura $16.95
Seafood Udon Noodle soup w. shrimp, scallop, kani, and white fish $18.95
Yaki Udon or Yaki Soba

Stir-fried with fresh vegetable

Chicken $15.95 Beef $17.95
Shrimp $16.95 Seafood $18.95
Miso Ramen

Broth noodle serve with seasonal vegetable and egg, fish cake, seaweed

Chicken $15.95 Beef $17.95
Shrimp $16.95 Seafood $18.95
Tokyo Dinner Bento Box

Served w. Miso Soup, Salad, California Roll, Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura, and 3 Dumplings

Tofu Teriyaki $22.95
Chicken Teriyaki $22.95
Beef / Shrimp / Salmon Teriyaki $24.95
Chicken / Pork Katsu $23.95
Chicken Tempura $23.95
Shrimp Tempura $24.95
Sushi Dinner Box (5pcs) $26.95
Sashimi Dinner Box (8pcs) $28.95
Fried Ice Cream $7.95
Mochi Ice Cream $5.95
Cheesecake $5.95
Green Tea Ice Cream $5.95
Red Bean Ice Cream $5.95